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Arizona Wildcats Kicking Game Sporadic In Camp

Coach Stoops is worried about his kicking game.

Well, to be fair, Stoops, his staff, and the fans have been worried about the kicking game since like 2006, but there's always hope for an improved unit.

Anthony Gimino of The Tucson Citizen has the quick story:

JC transfer PK Jaimie Salazar made a 37-yard FG in Saturday's scrimmage (although the kick was low). He later missed from 45. Incumbent PK Alex Zendejas missed badly from 50 and made a 37-yarder. "The kicking game was sporadic," coach Mike Stoops said, "and that's disappointing."

Arizona fans do not need to be reminded about the uncertainty surrounding the kickers on this team. The Wildcats would have had two more victories in 2010 -- the USC and ASU games come to mind -- if the team had a capable, reliable kicker, but Alex Zendejas went all Alex Zendejas in both games and missed crucial kicks that were not difficult.

There was hope Salazar, who recently transferred into the program, would be able to take over the kicking duties, though he has struggled just as much as Zendejas has in camp. With less than two weeks remaining left in camp, the time is now for someone to step up.

This is frustrating.

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