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Arizona Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: Shabazz Muhammad Talks Tucson Visit (VIDEO)

The recruitment of perhaps the top high school basketball senior in the country continues unabated. Shabazz Muhammad from Bishop Gorman High in Las Vegas wrapped up his time at the Adidas 64 tournament this past weekend, and he was interviewed by Coast 2 Coast Hoops about the process of picking his school.

Muhammad talked fondly of the UCLA Bruins, but he also mentioned the Arizona Wildcats and how Sean Miller had recently picked up on the rising star's trail. Here's are the pertinent quotes (somewhat paraphrased) relative to his visit below.

Interviewer: "Now you did make it down to Arizona in June, was it as hot as it is here [in Vegas, site of the tournament]? What was it like?"

Muhammad: "It wasn't as hot as it is here, but I'm pretty much used to the heat here. So everybody's like, 'oh, it's hot, it's hot', but I'm just used to the heat and I just deal with it."

Interviewer: "What stood out to you the most in Tucson?"

Muhammad: "Um, yeah, I just love the location. It's two [to four] hours driving away from my house. It's real close. I have friends there and friends that are committed there right now."

Interviewer: "They just picked up Gabe York. I know you guys talk. What'd you tell him or what'd he tell you after he committed?"

Muhammad: "I just told him congratulations. I mean he's a great player, he can play either the one or the two, and if I did go to Arizona, we could be a great backcourt system and go from there."

Both UCLA and Arizona are the schools to watch with Muhammad if he decides to stay out west; both are relatively close to his hometown in Vegas and both seem to offer interesting appeals (UCLA provides academics and a great campus, Arizona with basketball peers and friends). And of course we can't count out the big programs in the East, who will have something to say about Muhammad before all is said and done.

Watch the rest of the interview below! For more on Arizona basketball, head to Arizona Desert Swarm.

 (via Coast2Coasthoops)