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Rookie Ryan Williams Injures Knee In 3rd Qtr Of Cardinals/Packers Game

In the preseason, probably the most important thing for a team to achieve is maintain its health. Other than Adrian Wilson's bicep tear, the Arizona Cardinals have been pretty fortunate. But during the third quarter of their preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, Ryan Williams suffered an injury that hopefully is not serious. 

After carrying the ball for six yards in the third quarter, he was pulled down from behind and the Green Bay defender's knee came down on Williams' right calf. He stayed on the ground and had to be carted off. 

As he left, things looked bad. As the cart left the field, Williams held his head in his hands.

Later during the game, his agent, Malik Shareef, tweeted (and it was subsequently deleted) that it was, per Williams' mother, a knee injury but not an injury to the ACL.

The deletion could be one of two things. It could mean that the injury may be more serious or simply that his agent decided it would be better to not share anything until there was something more definitive after the knee has been examined. 

As the Cardinals traded Tim Hightower at the start of training camp, if Williams has to miss any extended time, the running back depth will be a concern. It will put even more pressure on Beanie Wells to have a big season.

As with many Cardinals fans, our thoughts go out to Ryan Williams and his family hoping for the best outcome.