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Kevin Kolb Leads Cardinals To Two Scores In Three Drives Vs. Packers

Kevin Kolb's second start was not amazing, but he did do something that he did not accomplish last week against the Oakland Raiders. In his three series manning the Arizona Cardinals offense against the starting defense of the Green Bay Packers, he led the team to two scores. They were field goals, but they were points. 

Kolb finished the night 6-11 passing for 80 yards. He did not turn the ball over. 

He was not spectacular, as he had a couple of bad throws and he lost 11 yards on a sack that never should have happened. 

However, overall, there was more balance offensively with success running the ball with Beanie Wells. The offense, when not getting penalized, moved the ball effectively down the field and used the clock, something that was almost unheard of a year ago.

For me, while he was not super sharp, he showed me what I wanted to see. He made some plays, he moved the ball and the team put points on the board. 

What we should want to see next week from Kolb and first-team offense is at least one touchdown drive.