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Arizona Wildcats Football: Nick Foles Changes Diet

Nick Foles of the Arizona Wildcats is considered one of the top prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft. But there have been big questions about his athletic ability. Foles has proven to be good in the Airraid offense as a strong pocket passer with good accuracy and fairly good arm strength, but his athletic ability has always been questioned. Foles isn't a particularly good runner and doesn't do very much on the run. His -113 rushing yards in 2010 indicates that he probably has trouble deciding which way to go on the field.

Foles is looking to change that this season. He's made some changes to his diet and is looking to be a stronger all-around QB in 2011. Anthony Gimino from the Tucson Citizen has more.

One of the changes in Foles this season is that while he is still around 245 pounds, he is noticeably leaner, the result of dietary changes that came after he was tested for food allergies. He read about the subject and decided to get tested.

The discovery: He had to say adios to three staples of his diet: whey protein (which he would take after workouts), milk and eggs. Oh, is that all?

His body’s reaction to those foods causes slight swelling and general sluggishness


"I had drank whey protein shakes my whole life, and when I got off them and started taking different supplements and proteins, I noticed a huge difference in the weight room and my body fat going down. My muscles were recovering better and my strength was going up. Just everything."

If Foles can prove to make plays with his feet this season, Arizona's offense should become more effective, since defenses will not have to worry about just the receivers he's throwing to but also whether Foles can pick up first downs on his own when the field is stretched. 

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