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What To Watch For In NFL Preseason Game Between Arizona Cardinals And Green Bay Packers

Kevin Kolb, Larry Fitzgerald and the Arizona Cardinals have made the trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin to face the Packers in a preseason game that really has no importance. That is, no importance in the grand scheme of the NFL. However, the game is important to lots of players and also to the coaching staff of the Cardinals. The Cards want to see how they match up with the world champions. 

I can't imagine, though, that they will look too much into how things go, considering that it is the preseason and most of the game ends up being played by the people fighting to land a job on the team, but guys whose names you may not ever hear again.

Even still, here is what to look for during the game for the Cardinals:

The Cardinals offense scoring points with Kevin Kolb behind center:

In the preseason opener against the Raiders, Kolb didn't look bad at all. However, even with a trip down into the red zone, the offense did not score a point. If for anything else, it would serve as the symbolic beginning of the Kolb era. Yes, it is not the complete playbook and teams are unwilling to allow a ton of access, but the fans need to see the first team offense put points on the board to even begin to have any comfort for the coming regular season.

Beanie Wells running harder and lower:

One criticism Wells has had is running too high, making it easier for him to go down. Not coincidentally, Arizona had some of the worst stats in the league in 2010 when dealing with running backs and breaking tackles. As Wells desires tobe that featured back in the offense, he needs to show this.

Will the defense get any pressure at all on Aaron Rodgers?

The pass rush aspect of the Ray Horton defense has not yet been seen. The team is hoping to see O'Brien Schofield, Will Davis or any other of the defensive players on the squad to step up and get to the QB.

The young cornerback corp matching up against the Green Bay passing attack:

As Rodgers is one of the best passers in the league, Greg Toler, A.J. Jefferson, Patrick Peterson and Richard Marshall will be tested. Jefferson made some very good plays. Peterson has not shown much, but it looks like the plan is to bring him along slowly. Who will make plays tonight?

The positional battle between Rich Bartel and Max Hall for No.3 QB:

Bartel has seemed to be the favorite in camp, but Hall has done some really good things in the preseason both last year and this one. Fans love Hall, but Bartel has looked much better. When it comes to the number three guys, in the end it won't matter. If they end up playing this season, then the season will have been a disaster.