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Arizona Wildcats Football Camp: Mike Stoops Encouraged With Offensive Line

The Wildcats are just about two weeks away from their first game of the year and the final adjustments are being made to prepare for the long, grueling season. One unit that has stuck out to head coach Mike Stoops? The offensive line. The Tucson Citizen's Anthony Gimino has the story:

Stoops says he has seen improvement in the one area that is the team's biggest question - the all-new starting offensive line.

"The first group especially," Stoops said. "And some of our young guys are getting better, too. I figured that would happen with a lot of young players. You're going to see a lot of growth through a period of time, and certainly our guys have improved a great deal."

Assuming everyone can stay healthy in the final days of camp, the starting offensive line would go (from left to right) redshirt freshman Mickey Baucus, sophomore Chris Putton, junior Kyle Quinn, junior Trace Biskin and redshirt freshman Fabbians Ebbele, according to Stoops.

Hardly the line solidified by NFL prospects as it has been in previous seasons, though each player has the potential to be very good. 

"Fabbians has gotten a lot better," Stoops said. "You can tell he's getting more comfortable. And Mickey, too. Kyle is the leader, and he has played awfully well all through camp. I like the way they are coming along."

How do the defensive linemen feel about their counterparts in practice? Senior defensive end C.J. Parish has this to say:

On Baucus: "Mickey, he's nasty. He just looks nasty off the ball. Mickey is going to kick back fast and throw his hands at you, and as soon as you swipe them down, he's going to replace his hands right fast. I find him to be a nasty, vicious tackle. He's going to be really good for us."

This is great news for the Wildcats. The offensive line has been (arguably) the biggest question mark heading into the season and the good reviews from the coaches and players can only mean better days are ahead.

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