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Kevin Kolb Learning Spanish, Whisenhunt Explains

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At the risk of sparking some kind of political debate about immigration and the English language, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt explained the process for quarterback Kevin Kolb to learn the grammar of his new offensive system. Some might find the explanation given at a mid-day training camp press conference offensive. We found it clever and humorous. In the interest of meta world peace, we hope you'll see it this way too. blogs - Kent Somers - Learning the language
"I can only associate it with speaking another language. If you speak English and you're trying to speak Spanish, at some point in the process you'll start to hear it in Spanish and think of it in Spanish. How long that takes, you don't know."

How long does it take a quarterback from Texas who spent his early NFL years in Philadelphia to learn "Spanish" once he crosses the Arizona border? We'll let you know when the process is over.

In the mean time, language lessons at Northern Arizona University continue. Fortunately for Master Kolb, the immigrant has a new friend to guide and mentor him through class.

Word From the Birds Blog
He joked that he’ll be watching video with Larry Fitzgerald and suggest running a "pirate" route on a certain look — except it was the Eagles who used the "pirate" and not the Cards, who call it an "under." "The only way to do it is to be thrown in the fire and hear other guys talking about it," Kolb said.

To translate this all for football fans we would only say -- be patient. It's an adjustment period for Kolb. Don't overreact to anything you see Friday night in Green Bay (unless it's an awesome play like this).