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Arizona Cardinals Win Preseason Opener, Beat Oakland Raiders 24-18

The first preseason game that the Arizona Cardinals played against the Oakland Raiders was everything you figure a preseason game it be. It was long, it was at times sloppy, you see a bunch of players you will never hear of and there were a few really nice plays. All of that. In the end, Max Hall led Cardinals down the field for the game-winning touchdown with 39 seconds left, hitting Isaiah Williams to give Arizona the 24-18 win to start the preseason.

Kevin Kolb played the first quarter for the Cardinals and was 4/7 for 68 yards. The Cardinals failed to score while he was in  the game, but he was able to connect with Larry Fitzgerald for two of the completions and 60 of the yards, including a 43-yard deep throw that was perfectly thrown and perfectly played by Fitz, who hauled it in one-handed.

John Skelton led the Cardinals to ten of their points and their first score, hitting Stephen Williams for an 18-yard touchdown pass. 

Richard Bartel came in for most of the second half and threw for a score, hitting rookie tight end Robert Housler to give Arizona a 17-15 lead. 

But it was Hall, who drove the team down the field in five plays and 68 yards to win. He was 4/4 on the drive.

The defense showed it was stout when it counted. They allowed the Raiders to move the ball, but only gave up only one TD. Sebastian Janikowski hit four field goals, including a 57-yarder that gave Oakland the lead with just over two minutes left in the game. 

Neither team had an interception, Only the Cardinals had a turnover -- a fumble. 

Next up for the Cardinals is a game next week against the defending champion Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. 

With injuries, Todd Heap for Arizona sprained his thumb in the first half and Max Komar did not play with a tweaked groin. The Raiders lost safety Hiram Eugene in the second half.

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