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Todd Heap Sprains Thumb, Leaves Game With Injury

One goal that teams have in the preseason is to avoid injuries. During the Arizona Cardinals preseason game versus the Oakland Raiders, one of the prized acquisitions left the game to the locker room because of an injury. 

Tight end Todd Heap sprained his left thumb on a reception he had from John Skelton in the second quarter. 

He left the game and he will not return. 

The Cardinals have been fairly fortunate with injuries, save the torn bicep tendon that Adrian Wilson, so this will be a big blow to the team if Heap has to miss any time. Fortunately, the injury does not look or sound serious and it would not be surprising to see that he misses no other gametime. 

The drive in which he was hurt eventually led to a score, a touchdown pass from John Skelton to Stephen Williams.

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