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Cardinals' Kevin Kolb Shows Chemistry With Larry Fitzgerald In Second Preseason Series

In the first preseason series for the Arizona Cardinals against the Oakland Raiders, Kevin Kolb showed a good sense of the offensive scheme while showcasing his legs.

In the second preseason series, Kolb proved to the Cardinals faithful that he had a strong arm as well, connecting with Larry Fitzgerald multiple times, including a huge 43-yard pickup on a Go route that brought the Cards all the way to the Oakland 35.

Kolb located his pass to Fitz perfectly, landing the ball on his outside shoulder to avoid an interception attempt by the Raiders.

Two plays later, Kolb threw to Fitzgerald on a Stop route, hitting the receiver in stride on the right sideline for a 17-yard pickup.

While the offense was stymied at the 2-yard line on several unsuccessful rushing attempts by Beanie Wells, the offense is already showing a lot of potential and promise with Kevin Kolb under center for the Arizona Cardinals.