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Kevin Kolb Shows Promise In First Arizona Cardinals Preseason Series

After a Sebastian Janikowski kickoff flew out of the back of the endzone, Kevin Kolb took the field for the first time as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

With the ball placed on the 20-yard line, Kolb lined up under center with a trips formation on his left, which shifted to an Offset I presnap. The handoff to Beanie Wells was smooth, but the blocking wasn't there and Wells was stopped for no gain.

On second down, Kolb had a Dual TE formation on his right. A linebacker blitz on his weak side forced him to overthrow Larry Fitzgerald, who was lined up on his left.

Third down came quickly, and Kolb rose to the occasion. Feeling the pressure of Oakland's defensive line, Kolb tucked the ball and took off down the right side of the field, gaining 15 yards and flashing his impressive speed.

At the 35-yard line, Kolb and the Cardinals attempted a swing play, but Early Doucet couldn't break free for a gain. On second down, Kolb rolled out to the right and nearly completed a pass to Jeff King, but the pass was batted down and nearly intercepted.

On third down at the 34-yard line, Kolb was lined up in a shotgun formation with two running backs. Not liking what he was seeing, Kolb tried to relive the running magic and bolted up the middle, but was sacked for a loss by the Raiders.

All in all, Kolb looked good on his first possession, but there's a long way to go before the Cardinals can call this offense a finished product.