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Arizona Wildcats New LED Scoreboard Nearing Completion

Despite the college football season starting in just under three weeks, the construction going on at Arizona Stadium is in full swing. With the steel supports in place and the LED panels in Tucson after making the trip across the Pacific Ocean, the Wildcats new scoreboard is starting to come together. The massive structure has been a six month project and it is pretty amazing to see the strides the construction team has made in that time span.

Athletic Director Greg Byrne gave us an update on the scoreboard this morning. Here is what the south end zone currently looks like:


It will be quite the sight to behold in three weeks on opening weekend as the Wildcats host the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks for the first game of the season. Byrne has acknowledged that time is running short and there is a chance the project will not be completed in time for September 3, but everyone expects the new scoreboard to be up, running, bright and loud for the 7pm kickoff.