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Marcin Gortat Won't Play For Poland In 2011 European Championships Team Announces

Just one day after Marcin Gortat's agent said there was time to find a solution to the insurance problem, the Polish Basketball Federation announced that Gortat wouldn't play for the team this year. Gortat was disappointed according to this translation:

Polish NT won't have Marcin Gortat at Eurobasket 2011 | National Teams | National Teams | Sportando
"I am very disappointed I cannot play with the team at Eurobasket. This season we are a very good team"

Word from Polish media is that the team pulled the plug for "sporting reasons" which likely means they wanted to have their roster nailed down for the preliminary games and didn't want the constant distraction of Gortat's situation hanging over their heads. Or maybe, they are just pressuring Marcin to accept some kind of a lesser insurance policy and play anyway. We'll see.

Gortat was the only Phoenix Suns player scheduled to play in the tournament so it seems we won't have anyone to follow.