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MLB Trade Rumors Swirl In NL West: Ubaldo Jimenez, Giants, Wandy Rodriguez Discussed

As predictable as sweat in the summer, the end of July is time to start speculating about the MLB Trade Deadline. The rumors are flying hard and fast with the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants linked to Wandy Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran as NL West buyers. The Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres are likely selling with names as big as Ubaldo Jimenez and Hiroki Kuroda potentially available.

The D-backs have acknowledged the need to add pitching with middle-inning bullpen help and a fifth starter on the shopping list. Rumors have linked the Snakes to Houston Astros starting lefty Wandy Rodriquez. Wandy's had an ERA under 4.0 for the last four years but would come with a hefty price tag beyond just the $23 million he's owed over the next two season with a $13 million club option ($2.5m buy out in 2014).  

The D-backs were also mentioned as a potential home for Blue Jays reliever Jason Frasor (ERA 2.98) and were even linked to veteran Jason Isringhausen. Fortunately, this year is said to be a buyer's market for relief pitchers with the many said to be available. The D-backs have repeatedly said they don't want to mortgage the future (trade good prospects or overspend) this year so it will help if there are a large number of available relievers. 

The Giants are looking for a bat that can help drive in runs from either the catcher or short stop positions but also seem to discussing Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran. Hopefully, that deal won't get done or you can pretty much end any chance Arizona has of catching the Giants.

Ubaldo Jimenez started the season slow but is coming around now and is attracting plenty of interest as evidenced by the large number of team scouts at Chase Field on Sunday to see him work. The Rockies confirmed that he was on the market according to the Denver Post but John Heyman of Sports Illustrated sees it differently.

Twitter / @SI_JonHeyman: teams convinced ubaldo onl ...
teams convinced ubaldo only an upton-like trial balloon. kuroda best SP truly on market. but has no-trade, may invoke it

As always, most of these rumors don't pan out but it would be surprising if the Dbacks didn't at least make some kind of small move to bolster the bullpen. Stay tuned.

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