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NFL Lockout Virtually Over, NFLPA Will Hold Vote Monday

According to the mainstream media, the NFL lockout should be ending tomorrow. Despite reports of player apprehension and greasy tactics by the NFL owners, the NFLPA appears to have determined the offer to be fair and reasonable.

The players will vote on Monday, and all signs point to the agreement being acceptable. According to SB Nation's Joel Thorman, this is how the next steps should play out:

So here's how the process will go down. First, the players executive committee will vote (reportedly on Monday) to recommend the proposal (with all the changes made via talks with the owners over the weekend). This is an 11-man committee and they're expected to approve it. Second, the player reps -- one from each team -- will need to vote, likely via phone, to recommend the deal. Again, this is expected to happen. The 10 named plaintiffs are also expected to sign off on any deal.

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