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Prince Fielder Named 2011 MLB All-Star Game MVP

After hitting the deciding three-run homerun in the fourth inning to give the National League a 3-1 lead, which led to a 5-1 NL victory, Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder was named the All-Star MVP.

His homer was the first by a Brewers player ever in the All-Star Game.

He was presented a crystal bat by commissioner Bud Selig and a $40,000 that represented the money that would be used to build a ball field in Milwaukee.

He was accompanied by his two sons.

The ball field could look rather conspicuous after this season, when Fielder becomes a free agent and is expected to haul in a huge payday somewhere else in the league other than Milwaukee.

The award capped off an eventful weekend in which he was booed by local fans for not choosing Justin Upton for the Home Run Derby and later cheered after his winning home run.