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Justin Upton Hitless, Miguel Montero Robbed Of At-bat In 2011 All-Star Game

The Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the 2011 MLB All-Star Game and two of their own got into the action. Justin Upton played a few innings and Miguel Montero caught the final inning. 

Upton was hitless in his two at-bats, breaking his bat on a line drive out to second base his first time up. He made the final out of the sixth inning with a fly ball to left field. 

Miguel Montero never go to hit, as he was left on deck in the top of the ninth inning. He was behind the plate for Joel Hanrahan and Brian Wilson to finish the game. He was also was part of an odd play that could have had an effect on the final score had Wilson not come in and ended the rally. 

After Carlos Quentin reached second base on a throwing error by Starling Castro, Matt Joyce single to right. The throw from right field missed the cut-off and got past Montero at the plate, but Quentin was held up at third. Hanrahan picked up the ball to throw it again to Montero, but that throw missed the mark and was picked up by Brandon Phillips. Joyce moved to second on the throw. It didn't end up mattering, but it looked like a Little League play. 

For Upton, it was his second appearance in the All-Star Game, and likely will not be the last. Montero's appearance was his first after he was a late addition due to injury. Hopefully he will get to return and get a chance to hit in the future.