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Home Run Derby 2011 Second Round Results: Robinson Cano, Adrian Gonzalez Slam Their Way To Final Round

The second round of the 2011 Home Run Derby started off with a whimper as Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz could only manage four home runs, good for a total of nine over the first two rounds.

Robinson Cano, on the other hand, showed off everything he was capable of -- and more.

Cano displayed otherworldly power, stroking huge shots to the right field bleachers, lighting up Arizona's Uptown in the process. In total, Cano hit 12 home runs in the second round, compiling a nearly unbeatable total of 20. According to Chris Berman, "all but two of them went at least 425 [feet]."

Next up was Red Sox slugger Adrian Gonzalez, who was the first to hit in the first round and had to wait almost two hours to hit again. After collecting four outs getting his rhythm back, Gonzalez began peppering the crowd with home runs.

In total, Gonzalez added 11 home runs to his score, matching Cano with 20 apiece.

The final batter of the round, Prince Fielder, got off to a roaring start by hitting a ball 474 feet into the center field concourse. In the end, Fielder was unable to overcome his 15 home run deficit, leaving Gonzalez and Cano to face off for the honor of being the 2011 Home Run Derby champion.

Full results:

Robinson Cano: 12 home runs (20 total)
Adrian Gonzalez: 11 home runs (20 total)
Prince Fielder: 4 home runs (9 total)
David Ortiz: 4 home runs (9 total)

Check back for final round coverage.