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USA Women's Soccer World Cup Win Over Brazil Thrills Diana Taurasi

WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi is a huge soccer fan. She grew up playing the sport along with basketball which isn't surprising given her Argentinian heritage. Taurasi and Australian teammate Penny Taylor both were up Sunday morning watching Team USA in their quarterfinal match against Brazil despite having a game of their own that afternoon (they won 102-63).

Taurasi, a world-class athlete and incredible competitor herself, appreciated both the drama of the game along with spirit the American side showed.

"That's pretty unbelievable what they were able to accomplish when things were kind of stacked up against them, to find a way to grind through it. They showed a lot of pride," Taurasi said of Abby Wambach's last second goal to tie the game and send it to penalty kicks.

The victory coming against Brazil made it all the more satisfying for Taurasi, "I'm from Argentina so (Brazil is) the antichrist for us."

Taurasi said she doesn't have any relationships with the players on the current USA Women's National Soccer Team but it's hard to believe she doesn't have a lot in common with Wambach, Megan Rapinoe or Hope Solo who's one save during the penalty kick phase secured the win for her country.