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French Open Results: Djokovic Rallies Back, Wins 3rd Set; Federer Up 2-1

It would have been a real shame if Novak Djokovic went out of the 2011 French Open in a straight-set loss to Roger Federer. After completely falling apart early in the second set, Djokovic rallied late to finish with some confidence that he was able to carryover to the third set. This time it was the great Roger Federer who seemed a bit lost has he quickly got down 3-0 and went on to drop his first set of the 2011 French Open, 6-3.

The score now stands at 7-5, 6-3, 3-6 for Federer. In the third set the unforced errors came from Roger with 11 in his column. There should be time for a fourth set before darkness but it is unlikely that a fifth set will be able to finish before the light fails.

Into the fourth set we go with Federer up 2-1 on Djokovic. The match is being broadcast live on NBC TV in some time zone and tape delayed in others. Live online streaming is available at