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French Open Results: Federer Wins 1st Set Tiebreak Vs. Djokovic

The meeting between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic was the match we were hoping would provide more drama and competitive tennis that's otherwise been missing from the 2011 French Open. Through one set we are getting just that. Roger Federer needed 70 minutes and a tiebreak win to take the first set from Novak Djokovic and lead 1-0 headed into the second set. The final three points won by Federer in the tiebreak were off Djokovic unforced errors.

Djokovic has looked tight early on which seems to have provided the only margin of difference between these two tennis giants. Each player had two breaks in the first set with no double-faults by either man. Federer, as he's done all tournament, has been winning a high percentage of his first serves and recorded a 77 percent conversion in the first set compared to 59 percent for Djokovic. The Swiss Machine went 18-12 in winners to unforced errors while the Serb was 14-10 in the that category.

Djokovic is certainly capable to taking control of the match but will have to get his head straight first. He seems overwhelmed by the moment.

The Djokovic vs. Federer match is streaming live online at and is on TV on NBC in some time zones.