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Arizona Diamondbacks Road Streak Goes To Detroit

Last season when we spoke of an "Arizona Diamondbacks road streak" it typically involved the words "losing" or "lost" somewhere in the phrase. This year (based on a note from the team PR staff), after starting the season 5-13 (.278) on the road, the D-backs have rebounded by winning 15 of their last 18 road games (.883) to give them a winning road record (20-17, .541) for the season. Since May 14, the D-backs' 15 wins and .883 winning percentage on the road are tied with the Red Sox (15-3, .833) and ahead of the Yankees (13-6, .684). The D-backs have not had a winning road mark since going 41-40 in 2005.

That's impressive.

The road streak rolls into Detroit for an interleague game against Arizona's "natural rivals". The  Yankees have the Mets. The Giants have the A's. The D-backs have the Tigers. Oh, well. These two teams were left without a partner at the dance and MLB decided to spark up a (forced) relationship. At least the Tigers fans should get a kick out of seeing Kirk Gibson as the skipper.

The D-backs used up their two aces against the mighty KC Royals so for this three game set we get:

  • Friday (4:05 p.m.): Zach Duke (1-2, 4.66) vs. Phil Coke (1-7, 3.95)
  • Saturday (4:05 p.m.): Josh Collmenter (4-3, 2.09) vs. Justin Verlander (9-3, 2.54)
  • Sunday (10:05 p.m): Joe Saunders (4-7, 4.35) vs. Brad Penny (5-6, 4.88)

Series Preview #26: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Detroit Tigers - AZ Snake Pit

Detroit Tigers: most aggravatingly decent team in Major League Baseball.