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NBA Draft Time For Derrick Williams, Final Mock Drafts And Trade Rumors

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We are just two days away from Thursday's NBA Draft for 2011 and Arizona Wildcat Derrick Williams is getting excited if the volume of tweets from his Twitter feed is any indication. He has every right to be excited. His performance in the NCAA Tournament vaulted him from a top-five or seven pick to the consensus second pick in every 2011 NBA Mock Draft we can find. The real question is if he will ever play for the Minnesota Timberwolves or will he be traded on draft night like Brandon Roy, O.J. Mayo and Ty Lawson before him.

The Derrick Williams trade rumors have been swirling and most certainly will continue. He's been linked to the Milwaukee Bucks in deal for Andrew Bogut (that the Bucks have denied). The Indiana Pacers have been rumored to have offered Roy Hibbert and their 15th pick for Williams.

And of course, the Phoenix Suns are rumored to still be in the mix with a deal that would send Marcin Gortat to Minnesota.

2011 NBA draft: Chad Ford's NBA Mock Draft 6.0 - ESPN
Analysis: Still hearing the Wolves are hoping to get a great offer for the No. 2 pick. Hearing the best one they have right now is from Phoenix (Marcin Gortat and the No. 13 pick).

If they can't find a trade they like, they'll swallow hard, take Williams and work out the rest this summer via trades. If they get Williams, Michael Beasley could be gone by the time the season starts.

There are denials on this rumor as well:

Phoenix Suns could go big in Thursday's NBA draft
They surely are not pushing to trade center Marcin Gortat to Minnesota, a rumor that got so out of hand that Gortat received a call to assure him it was not happening.

There will be more rumors in the coming days and right up through draft night. Whether Williams plays for Minnesota or some other team, we're looking forward to seeing him in the NBA next season.

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