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ASU Softball Ready For Women's College World Series

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All season long, the Arizona State Sun Devils (55-6) have battled.

The pitching has been remarkable -- Dallas Escobedo has won 32 games in 2011, with many more to come in the future for the talented freshman out of Phoenix.

The offense has come alive at key junctures -- First Team All-American shortstop Katelyn Boyd is hitting nearly .500 on the season, while Annie Lockwood has added 16 home runs in this campaign.

Flat out, this is a team that knows how to win, and executes their plan. A lot of that has to do with coach Clint Myers.

Here's some interesting quotes from anArizona Republic article that came out yesterday:

The Sun Devils know the drill, but it doesn't make it any easier.

"There are no easy games when you get here," catcher Kaylyn Castillo said.

With potential second-round matchups against Florida or Missouri awaiting ASU should it get by Oklahoma Thursday, [Clint] Myers wouldn't mind having a different vantage point.

"It is a very good side of the bracket," Myers said. "I would rather be on the other side of the bracket. It is tough."

One thing's for sure: no matter who the Devils face, they will be the favorite to win the 2011 Women's College World Series.

Photo of Annie Lockwood hitting a home run, courtesy of Steve Rodriguez.