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Fiesta Bowl To Get New President, University Of Arizona President Robert Shelton

Almost three months after firing John Junker after the spending scandal that almost cost the state of Arizona a BCS game, the Fiesta Bowl has an agreement in place to make Robert Shelton its new president. Shelton currently is University of Arizona President. He is expected to take over this summer.

The choice of Shelton is a good one for an organization looking to recover from the huge black eye that was left after it was found that there was rampant misuse of money, including funneling money to politicians and spending on lavish parties on the Fiesta Bowl dime.

Shelton has a track record of reputation. In addition to being U of A president, he is also a member of the oversight committee for the BCS. That background will come in nicely to oversee the now tainted bowl.

The BCS executive director thinks highly of Shelton, saying "Robert is a man of integrity and his university experience means he understands what college football is all about. I have not been given the official word he is the choice of the Fiesta Bowl. But if it does come to pass, it would be a smart hire by the Fiesta Bowl."

The Fiesta Bowl was lucky to maintain its BCS status and maybe Shelton had something to do with that. It certainly looks like they got the right guy for the job. Everyone involved would benefit from having the Fiesta Bowl approach the reputation it had before the whole mess began.