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Gold Cup 2011 Schedule, TV And Live Streaming: USA Vs. Guadeloupe

Thanks to a poor performance against Panama on Saturday, the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team is facing a must win situation on Tuesday against Guadeloupe. Team USA, the favorites to easily roll through Group C, will now have no margin for error if they want to advance to the knockout round. The schedule has this big match on Tuesday, June 14, 8:00 p.m. ET in Kansas City, KS. The game will be broadcast on TV at Fox Sports Channel with live online streaming available at CONCACAF.TV.

Guadeloupe should be an easy opponent for the American team but as we well know, nothing comes easy for U.S. soccer. The team from the small Caribbean island with a population of just 400,000 lost 3-2 to Panama and 1-0 to Canada in their first two games.

There are scenarios in which the U.S. can advance with a tie but a loss (and a loss by Canada) would throw things into chaos with three teams tied. In that scenario of a three-way tie, goal differential in matches between the tied teams would determine who wins second place. Panama, by virtue of their victories over the U.S. and Guadeloupe, has already secure a berth in the next round.

Here's highlights of the U.S. loss to Panama.