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Arizona Sports: Four Months Of Stuff Kinda Sorta Going On

OK, so it's not going to be a thrilling next four months in Arizona sports, but it isn't going to be THAT bad.

Last Thursday, my handsome co-worker Cory Williams outlined the reasons that Arizona was facing four slow months of sports. Now while I'm not ordinarily one to be full of positive thinking and thoughts I think that to an extent he's wrong. The D-Backs may be the only major sports team in season but there's still stuff to look forward to. 

We can start where the last sentence ended - with the D-Backs. Sure they are currently 15-18 and in fourth place in the NL West but they have actually managed to be a bit more interesting this season (although they have basically the same record they did a year ago).

Though nobody would confuse the D-Backs and their oddball roster with a real threat for the playoffs it does warrant mentioning that they are a mere 3.5 games out of first place in their division. No matter how implausible it seems, you can't really consider a team out of contention when they are only a good week of baseball from being in first. Odds are they'll at least remain within spitting distance of the top until June so hey, that's something. Plus - hey there goes Justin Upton!

If baseball is your thing and you're looking to keep yourself entertained past June then you're in luck because Arizona is hosting Major League Baseball's 2011 All-Star game! You'll have the option to pay insulting amounts of money to watch your beloved NL and it's one Diamondback representative battle the hated AL featuring whichever Royal makes his way to Phoenix.  

Provided you don't have an unlimited bank account, I'm sure there will be all sorts of fan experience BS you can roll up to in downtown Phoenix where you can pretend to be the next Tim Lincecum.

Barring the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals lifting the lockout this week before a June 3rd appeal date there won't be any action on that front for a month. However, I can almost guarantee that if Roger Goddell and DeMaurice Smith have one intelligent bone in their combined bodies (and I'm beginning to doubt this a bit) that there will be roster fireworks at some point in the next four months.

When the league is back in business, the Cardinals will set out to fill the quarterback position - which is always a sexy proposition - and will be choosing from a bevy of available options. The Cards QB rumor carousel has been exciting when personnel transactions were banned - I imagine it will only get better once actual moves are able to be made. 

Beyond QB, I expect the Cardinals to be aggressive in free agency in order to fill out needs on the offensive line and pass rush. If you're into roster moves then the Cardinals offseason will be for you. 

Though the Suns had a disappointing season they'll at least be kicking around in some form during the next few months. Provided you take an interest in miracles, low odds, and ping pong balls then mark our calendars for May 17 - that's when the NBA's Draft Lottery occurs. The Suns have a miniscule shot at a top 3 pick and in all likelihood the drama will be over when their card is turned over second (meaning they get the 13th pick in the draft).

Once the Suns accept their late lottery fate, the draft itself will happen on June 23. I enjoy a good draft as much as the next guy and with the Suns having a lottery pick and an $18 million dollar trade piece in Vince Carter, things could potentially get interesting. I mean they probably won't but they totally could.

At this point I'd mention there is probably going to be news about the sale of the Coyotes but honestly the mere thought and idea of discussing this subject more makes me want to shove bamboo sticks under my finger nails. Frankly, that might not be enough. But if you're unlike me then know that something will probably get done one way or another before the NHL gets back to business in September.

Outside of the big four sports teams our fare city has to offer we've also got the Arizona Rattlers who are currently in full swing with their season. I always say I'm going to follow those guys and never do so you'll have to bear with me when I check the standings and see that they are 7-1 and in first place in their division. Well hey, how about that. Take THAT Spokane Shock. 

So go support the Rattlers or something. It's actually a good time. 

Besides the Rattlers there really isn't a ton of game action but isn't most of the joy in sports talking about the game and projecting what's going to happen instead of actually watching? 

If you read that whole thing and couldn't tell whether I was being tongue in cheek or actually serious then I respond by saying that I'm really not sure either. Hell, maybe Cory's right but either way I know I'll be around to watch it all unfold.