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Instead Of Leaving, Sean Miller Signs Extension With Arizona

Well, rumors had been going around all weekend so far that Arizona Wildcats mens basketball coach Sean Miller would be leaving the team to accept the now-vacant head coaching position for the Maryland Terrapins. But it looks like all that's changed.

It is now official that instead of leaving, Miller has signed a contract extension to stay at the University of Arizona, though contract details and length have not yet been released.

Miller had this to say:

"In the last two years, we have done many things to strengthen the program from an improved locker room and practice facility, to our recruiting efforts. We will continue to work towards getting better in all areas as we move forward.

"Over the last two days, the amount of inaccuracies that surrounded this entire process has been very disappointing. Hopefully, this will put an end to such speculation. Believe me when I tell you, our administration has done everything to keep me here and ensure that this will be among the elite programs in the nation."

So rest easy, Wildcat fans and alumni. The coach that led the team to the Elite Eight, a 30-8 record, a regular season Pac-10 title, and a top recruiting class for 2012 will remain around for an as-yet-undisclosed amount of time. Although the Wildcats lost top player Derrick Williams to the NBA Draft (where he's likely to be the first overall pick), most of the core is returning and the Pac-12's lucrative new television contract is sure to help things.

Was it all a plot to get a new contract from the U of A, or was there genuine interest in Maryland on Miller's behalf? Perhaps it was all misreported, as Miller suggested? Either way, it all worked out well for Arizona. Not as much for Maryland, who is speculated to be targeting Butler's Brad Stevens next.

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