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Kentucky Derby: Archarcharch Pulled Up Lame, Taken Off In Ambulance

The 2011 Kentucky Derby was over in a flash with winner Animal Kingdom strutting proudly down the track. Unfortunately, number one position horse Archarcharch had pulled up lame at the finish and was taken back to the stables in an ambulance. 

Archarcharch will undergo an X-ray immediately and hopefully will be fine. Race doctor Larry Bramlage reported that they put a splint on his leg but that he didn't seem to be in serious discomfort and went willingly onto the truck. The X-ray will only take five or ten minutes and then a diagnosis will be made. 

On the replay it appeals that Archarcharch did something to the front leg early in the race. On the replay he can be seen stumbling in his first few strides. 

Animal Kingdom won the 2011 Kentucky Derby and paid $43.80 with Nehro ($8.80, $6.40) and Mucho Macho Man ($7.00) following in second and third place. 

[Note by Seth Pollack, 05/07/11 4:19 PM MST ]

 The Courier-Journal 
The injury is a lateral condylar fracture and is not life-threatening.