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Kentucky Derby 2011: Wager From SB Nation Editor

Well, I've made my wager down at the local OTB site, Sandstone Cafe in Chandler. With the odds fluctuating a great deal during the run-up to the 2011 Kentucky Derby, it was very difficult to find a crop of horses that I was willing to put some money down for.

In the end, I liked what I saw from Brilliant Speed, Twice The Appeal, Pants On Fire, and Animal Kingdom. All of these horses have something in common: a favorable payout if they were to win. I decided to throw down a $3 exacta box on these four horses, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle in what has been a very unpredictable betting process for this year's Derby.

With the race less than an hour away, we're going to see a big spike in the wagering pool, which has already reached an incredible $13 million for the exacta bets alone. You have to love the Kentucky Derby!

For quick tips on exacta box and quinella bets in this year's Kentucky Derby, click those links.


Good luck to everyone!