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Arizona Sports: Four Months Of Nothing Special Ahead

With the lackluster performances of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Coyotes, summer has come early for the Arizona faithful, with only the Diamondbacks left to cheer for on the sports schedule.

Even states like Tennessee are experiencing the playoffs in both the NBA and the NHL with the Memphis Grizzlies and the Nashville Predators still alive. Shouldn't we expect more from our teams? Shouldn't we be more competitive as a city?

We look to the future, and things aren't much brighter. With the extremely unpleasant summer weather ahead, only the Diamondbacks will suit up in June, July and August. Despite making strides in 2011, the D-backs are destined to be a sub-.500 team by the fall.

Then what? Arizona State and UA football will begin, but there's no guarantee of anything in the college football world. While Brock Osweiler and the Sun Devils have BCS Championship Game aspirations, their 6-6 record last season proves that they have a lot of work to do before they can look that far ahead.

At the same time, who knows what will happen with the NFL. The Cardinals were likely to be much improved this season with the possible addition of Kevin Kolb as Arizona's new quarterback.

Without an NFL season, the sports malaise in Arizona will continue through the fall and into the spring, knowing full well that the Coyotes might leave town and the Suns might be in rebuilding mode.

We're stuck with very little to write about in terms of local sports. We'll have to dig deeper to find something that people can actually cheer about in our home state.

All in all, things aren't looking great for the Arizona sports fan. Here's hoping that our sports teams can pleasantly surprise us with quality competition, as otherwise all the heat can be a real drag.