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Ohio State's New Coach: Gambling On Urban Meyer?

For those of you who enjoy gambling, here's an interesting prop bet from Bodog, an online sports betting website. They have put together an exclusive list of coaches that the Ohio State Buckeyes may target after head coach Jim Tressel resigned amid a firestorm of controversy.

Take a gander at the names below:

Who will be the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes for the 2012 season?

Urban Meyer 3/2

Mark Stoops 5/2

Jon Gruden 3/1

Bo Pelini 10/1

Mark Dantonio 12/1

Will Urban Meyer be the next head coach at Ohio State?

Yes 3/2

No 1/2

Bodog seems to think the most likely candidates are established, powerhouse names that have already led illustrious careers. The one real exception? Mark Dantonio.

Currently the coach of Michigan State, Dantonio has built a strong program up in East Lansing. Before becoming the leader of the Spartans (excluding a pit stop as Cincinnati's head coach), Dantonio was the defensive coordinator at Ohio State, working directly underneath Tressel from 2001 to 2003.

Urban Meyer is an interesting option, though. Is he ready to come out of retirement? Have the health issues that forced his early retirement from Florida become less of a burden?

I don't read into prop bets, but allow Tressel to clear out his office before you find his eventual replacement. Besides, the Buckeyes state that Luke Fickell will be their man going into 2011 -- what if he ends up being the guy?