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UFC 130 Fight Video: Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Matt Hamill Highlights

Didn't catch UFC 130's headlining bout the first time around? Check out this highlight package showcasing the pivotal moments of Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson vs. Matt Hamill's fight, provided by ESPN.

For a more detailed analysis of the fight, here is SB Nation MMA Senior Editor Luke Thomas' live play-by-play:

ROUND 1 - Both fighters start out orthodox with Hamill throwing kicks. Hamill dives for a takedown and Rampage shrugs it off. Shovel punch from Hamill misses. Outside leg kick from Hamill lands, but Rampage lands a right hand inside. More outside leg kicks from Hamill, none particularly harmful. And again a leg kick from Hamill. Short uppercut from Rampage finds the mark. Another takedown attempt totally stopped by Rampage, but Hamill is finding a home for that outside leg kick. Hard right uppercut from Rampage lands. Rampage again stuffs the shot and Rampage lands a hard uppercut. Now an overhand right. Rampage is hurting Hamill badly here. scores this round 10-9 Rampage.

ROUND 2 - Hamill opens up again reaching on his strikes. Rampage again stuffs Hamill's shots and does so easily. Hard knee to the Hamill's middle in the second hurts Hamill. Rampage again stuffs a low single from Hamill and follows up with a hard punch. Hamill tries to clinch, but Rampage shrugs him off. The crowd begins to boo as there is a stalling in the action. Rampage lands a short, but ineffective left. Good outside leg kick now for Hamill. Hamill beginning to work the jab at least for distance. Hamill attempts two takedowns and they're both easily stuffed. Rampage catches Hamill with a hard body shot and Hamill clinches. Two more hard body shots and Hamill dives in for a takedown, but is easily stuffed. scores this round 10-9 Rampage.

ROUND 3 - Right hand counter for Rampage lands after a superman punch attempt from Hamill. Hamill again goes for a takedown, but Rampage easily stops it. Rampage stalking hard. Hard right hand to the body for Rampage and again, he stuffs Hamill's takedown attempt. Hamill desperate for a takedown along the fence and can't get it. Left hook and right uppercut from Rampage. Outside leg kick and a defended takedown from Rampage Jackson. Rampage again stuffs the shot and fires a knee up the middle. Diving knee to Hamill's midsection lands. Now Rampage trying to open up on Hamill and the former amateur wrestler looks exhausted. scores this round 10-9 Rampage and the fight 30-27 Rampage.