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Strikeforce: Winner Of KJ Noons Vs. Jorge Masvidal To Get Title Shot Against Gilbert Melendez

The talented, but outspoken K.J. Noons seems to have spilled the beans regarding the state of the Strikeforce lightweight title while talking to MMAWeekly Radio.

"This is for the No. 1 contender for the 155, and then I get a title shot," Noons said about his fight with Masvidal.

"I was actually supposed to get a shot back last year, but that opportunity came up to fight (Nick) Diaz, they asked me if I would move up to fight for the title, and a lot of people wanted to see that, so I said sure no problem so we made it happen.

"Now I'm back in my original weight class, and I'm just going to put on exciting fights."

When the original matchup was made, there were rumors swirling regarding the implications of the bout. However, nothing official had been released until Noon's little slip.

Although this is an interesting development, it does seem as if these plans were made with the haphazard intention of Noons smashing his way through Masvidal. ‘Gamebred' may not be the best of fighters, but he certainly is no slouch either. This is mixed martial arts, anything can happen. Planning with little regard to that fact is a dangerous move for an organization to make, just ask the defunct EliteXC.

While a Noons/Melendez matchup would undoubtedly excite MMA fans, should Masvidal -- the owner of just two lightweight wins within the organization in the last three years -- pull the upset, a Masvidal/Melendez championship fight would surely flop.

Strikeforce may have made these plans with the best of intentions, but they are playing with fire. Let's just hope it doesn't explode in their faces.