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UFC 130: VIDEO: Quinton ‘Rampage' Jackson, Matt Hamill Talk Underdogs, Retirement At UFC 130 Pre-Fight Press Conference

While it's not the main event Joe Silva and Dana White may have envisioned for UFC 130 -- that title falls to Frankie Edgar's championship rematch with Gray Maynard, which fell through the cracks after both fighters were forced to withdraw due to injuries -- some get the feeling that Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hamill will prove to be a worthy headliner.

Hamill provides a high energy style that could provoke ‘Rampage' into a blistering firefight. Still, both men have had some clunkers on their résumés, so one can only speculate whether this makeshift main event will work out for the UFC brass.

Regardless, both fighters seem eager to get back into the cage for their first fight of 2011.

During the press conference both men discussed Hamill's underdog status at length, with ‘Rampage' brushing off the idea that there is added pressure to him with his trademark charisma. Though, given the extended pause during his answer, it's possible that it could be in his head more than he lets on.

Also noteworthy were Rampage's comments on his continued statements that he intends to retire once he reaches age 35. As that date gets closer, it will be interesting to see whether the former champion holds true to his promise, or, like most aging fighters, discovers that the allure of the cage may just be too overwhelming to let go.

Press conference footage courtesy of MMA Weekly:

Quinton ‘Rampage' Jackson:

Matt Hamill: