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NFL Rumor: Kevin Kolb To Cardinals Deal 'In Place'

The Arizona Cardinals were strongly linked to free agent Marc Bulger as the solution to their quarterback needs. Kevin Kolb, however, has always been in the mix. The free agent and trade rumors will continue to blow until something gets done and of course, nothing is going to get done until the lockout is lifted and a new CBA is in place. 

It appears though, that during last week's brief lifting of the lockout when teams were allowed to at talk free agents and trades that a deal might have been struck between the Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles. According to Pro Football Weekly, that agreement was made and then put on hold when the appeals court reinstated lockout. - Bucs haven't made decision on Talib yet
The Eagles, sources told PFW, had a potential deal in place to trade QB Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals before the draft, but those plans changed when veterans were not allowed to be dealt. It's very possible, however, that the Cardinals and Eagles could reignite those trade talks.

SI's Peter King corroborates the rumor that the Eagles were offered a 2012 first round pick for Kolb but doesn't specifically named the Cardinals as the other party in the deal. King does list Arizona as only one of five teams that still appear to be in the QB market. The other teams include Miami, Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo.