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Vancouver Canucks Fan Flashes Boobs At Sharks Player

Hockey fans are a mystery to me. Canadian hockey fans are just plain nuts. Can someone please explain why a female fan in a Vancouver Canucks jersey (sweater?) would lift up her jersey (sweater?) and press her bare naked boobs against the glass of the penalty box that was currently home to Ben Eager of the San Jose Sharks.

Is this meant to be a distraction for the player who's confined to the box for a couple of minutes? Is the thinking here that the opposing player will go back on the ice with that image in his head and be unable to perform his manly hockey duties?

Please, someone explain the logic of this to me!


The Canucks would go on to win the game by the beat down score of 7-3 and take a 2-0 lead in their NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Series. A NSFW version of the video is available for your full analysis after the jump.