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Bubba Jenkins Goes From ASU To MMA

Bubba Jenkins didn't get as much attention as fellow Arizona State wrestler, Anthony Robles. Both won national championships this year with Robles at 125 pounds and Jenkins 157. Jenkins has always been interested in pursuing a career in mixed martial arts and now that's journey has officially begun.

Jenkins signed with management firm, Gorilla Management to represent him on his MMA career. Jenkins released a statement to SB Nation's Bloody Elbow:

2011 NCAA Champion Bubba Jenkins Commits to MMA, Signs with Gorilla Management - Bloody Elbow
"You know, there are a lot of management companies out there, after I won the NCAA's my phone was constantly ringing with this agent or that agent making this offer or that offer. I was contacted by many different groups with big promises. These guys Willie and Al from Gorilla management contacted me and told me they really enjoyed watching me compete in the NCAA's, Al was actually there in person." 

Jenkins was already on the radar of the MMA experts. Here's a scouting report on him from Bloody Elbow:

From NCAA Wrestling To MMA: Bubba Jenkins Scouting Report - Bloody Elbow
More importantly he has good connections to begin an MMA career. He was coached for wrestling under Bellator Welterweight Champion, 2x NCAA Champion and 2008 Olympian Ben Askren. Jenkins claims he has fast hands and fast feet and can't wait to bring his Sun Devil Tough drive to the cage. I get the feeling he may want to bring a Sprawl'n'Brawl style to the cage but as long as he's with Askren and picking up submission skills in a similar fashion there's hope he can develop into a well rounded MMA fighter.

I'd like to think he might eventually turn into a better version of Melvin Guillard, only without getting into the same sort of trouble or the penchant for placing himself into fight ending situations that favour his opponent. Of course until we see him fight we've no idea how he'll look, so I'm just spitballing at this point.