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Arizona Sports Fans Not Down With The Twitter And Facebook

In comparison to other markets, fans of Arizona's sports teams rank near the bottom when it comes to social media savvy. According to this report in the Phoenix Business Journal, only the Phoenix Suns are above their league's average when it comes to Twitter and Facebook fan connections. 

The Suns are only 11th in the NBA out of 30 teams, which is still better than the other pro teams in town. The Cardinals (26th), Diamondbacks (29th), and Coyotes (26th) are all at the bottom of their leagues. 

At this point, we should probably make a joke about how un-tech savvy the Sun City and snow bird populations are. What's the point, though, since they aren't reading this article anytime soon.

Pro sports combined Twitter followers and Facebook fans

Valley teams:
Phoenix Suns: 487,000; 11th of 30
Arizona Cardinals: 251,000; 26th of 32
Arizona Diamondbacks: 137,000; 29th of 30
Phoenix Coyotes: 57,000; 26th of 30

League leaders:
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers, 9.6 million
MLB: New York Yankees, 3.9 million
NFL: Dallas Cowboys, 2.6 million
NHL: Montreal Canadiens, 766,000

League totals:
NBA: 38 million
NFL: 30 million
MLB: 21 million
NHL: 10 million

Source: Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal via Phoenix Business Journal