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NHL Playoffs: Western Conference Standings As Playoffs Approach

The NHL regular season is drawing to a close, and the playoffs are very nearly upon us. Let's take a look at the teams that are currently in the playoffs, who they have left on the schedule and who they would play if the playoffs started today.

1 - Vancouver Canucks - 113 pts.

Games left: Wild, Flames

Slated to play: Blackhawks

2 - San Jose Sharks - 103

Games left: Coyotes (2)

Slated to play: Ducks

3 - Detroit Red Wings - 102

Games left: Blackhawks (2)

Slated to play: Coyotes

4 - Los Angeles Kings - 98

Games left: Ducks (2)

Slated to play: Predators

5 - Nashville Predators - 97

Games left: Blue Jackets, Blues

Slated to play: Kings

6 - Phoenix Coyotes - 97

Games left: Sharks (2)

Slated to play: Red Wings

7 - Anaheim Ducks - 95

Games left: Kings (2)

Slated to play: Sharks

8 - Chicago Blackhawks - 95

Games left: Red Wings (2)

Slated to play: Canucks

Outside Looking In:

Calgary Flame - 93

Game left: Canucks

Dallas Stars - 91

Games left: Avalanche (2), Wild

As I'm sure you noticed, some of the teams are pretty close in the standings, so even though there are just a few games left, there is still a pretty good chance that the standings won't look exactly like this when the playoffs start. We'll be covering the NHL Playoff picture as it evolves in this StoryStream.