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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Everyone Making Draft Projections, Not Just Kiper and McShay

With the draft just three weeks away, almost everyone is making their own mock drafts. We all know about Mel Kiper and Todd McShay and their mock drafts (although you have to be a paying Insider member to access the full mock drafts), but there of course are more. There are interactive community drafts, there are writer drafts and there are even mock drafts done via Twitter. 

The mock draft via Twitter has Blaine Gabbert being drafted number one overall and the Cardinals taking Da'Quan Bowers. This is the first time I have seen him taken by Arizona.

As you may have seen, right here on SB Nation Arizona, we have been doing our own mock draft. Cam Newton gets taken first overall and the Cardinals end up with LSU CB Patrick Peterson. 

Over on the Arizona Cardinals team blog, there has been a simultaneous writer and community mock draft. The community members took Marcell Dareus as the number pick and the writers took Nick Fairley. Both agreed on the Cardinals by selecting Von Miller. 

Also here on SB Nation, over on Mocking the Draft, there has been a mock draft running and it continues now in the second round. Each NFL team blog picked for their team. Blaine Gabbert was the first pick and the Cardinals were left to draft Cam Newton, much to the chagrin of many readers. 

One last mock draft to share. It was another interactive mock draft with the readers, and it was the full  seven rounds! Blaine Gabbert again was first overall, and the Cardinals took Robert Quinn.

If you haven't realized, mocking the NFL Draft is the thing to do. If you haven't done yours yet, shame on you.