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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Where Will The Cardinals Go In The First Two Rounds?

The 2011 NFL Draft is coming up at the end of the month, and Mock Drafts continue to flood the Internet. Today, we look at Walter Football, who is mocking the first six rounds of Draft. We're just going to look at the first two rounds, because even those are something of a guessing game.

In the first round, they have the Cardinals taking Von Miller of Texas A&M, which would be a perfect fit for them. Here is their rationale.

Von Miller was outstanding at the Senior Bowl, drawing some comparisons to Clay Matthews. During the game, he single-handedly disrupted some of the North's drives. Miller went on to have a prolific Combine, running a 4.46 40 and notching a 37-inch vertical at 6-3, 246. He also thrived in the drills; as Warren Sapp watched Miller dropping into coverage, he remarked, "You're either born with that, or you're not."

Miller would be a dream come true for the Cardinals, but he will probably go a little bit earlier than No. 5. At that point, they might turn their attention to one of the quarterbacks if they are still available. But I have to think that Miller is probably the first player on their big board. In the second round, they have the Cardinals going for some help on the offensive line with Villanova's Benajmin Ijalana.

The Cardinals need to find multiple upgrades for one of the worst offensive lines in football. Both tackle positions have to be addressed, as does left guard. There's a chance Arizona will trade this pick (and another selection) for Kevin Kolb. If so, Benjamin Ijalana could be a target for the Eagles as well; he fits their blocking scheme and would fill a need.

They are assuming that the Cardinals will go the veteran quarterback route, but there are some interesting options still on the board for this pick. Andy Dalton and Jake Locker are still available in this Mock. If they get to the second round and a quarterback that they like is available, it will be interesting to see what they will do; considering the lockout will probably prevent them from trading for a veteran quarterback for some time.