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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Would Drafting Patrick Peterson Be So Bad For The Cardinals?

SB Nation just came out with their latest edition of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and they have the Arizona Cardinals taking LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. Here is their rationale.

Newton, Gabbert and Miller all make a great deal of sense for the Cardinals (and not necessarily in that order). With all three gone, it's Peterson, the draft's best athlete, that is the right fit for Arizona, who would readily team him with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

The Cardinals are in a pretty good position in this draft because there are four prospects that I think they would be comfortable taking. Now, the worst case scenario is that Newton, Gabbert, Miller and Peterson are all off the board (which is possible) but there are so many other ways this Draft could play out that it is likely that one of those players is left for the Cardinals.

All four would fill a big need for the Cardinals. Peterson, who is probably the last choice for the Cardinals, is arguably the Draft's best athlete and an elite prospect at the cornerback position. There are four players the Cardinals would probably be happy taking in this Draft, and it really only just takes one to consider this a successful draft.