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How Will All those Mock Drafts Measure Up To Draft Day?

The 2011 NFL Draft is about to begin and all the mock draft projections are in. Mike Mayock, Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and many others have made their picks. We get to see how credible or how crazy they all were. In particular, the Cardinals have had a few players connected to them for this year's draft with their number five pick overall.

At the start of most projections months ago, Von Miller was the prohibitive favorite. Since then, his stock has risen and he is seen as a lock for the Denver Broncos at number two. Here is a rundown of the existing mocks and their picks for the Cardinals.

Todd McShay mock draft: In the most surprising pick of all of them, he has Missouri's Aldon Smith coming to the Cardinals.

Mel Kiper mock draft: He projects that the Cardinals will get LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson mock drafts: The NFL Network analysts and writers are split here four to two. Four project Peterson and two say that the Cardinals will take Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert.

SB Nation Arizona mock draft: The writers collaborated and projected that Peterson will go to the Cards

SB Nation mock draft: Patrick Peterson is the guy again

I think it's pretty clear who is not the favorite. But we can't rule out a trade. Rod Graves himself brought up the idea. If that happens, the mock drafts get blown up.

We will soon see the real thing. Keep posted!