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Mel Kiper's Final 2011 NFL Mock Draft Reveals Draft Day Surprises

On the eve of the 2011 NFL Draft, Mel Kiper came out with his final mock projections. Kiper has said that this draft is going to be unpredictable and unique -- not only because of the labor battle that is currently waging, but also because there's a lot of talent on the board.

Kiper's full mock draft can only be seen by ESPN Insiders, but the top five picks are available to the public. Here's how the NFL Draft will start off tomorrow, according to Kiper:

1. Cam Newton to the Carolina Panthers

2. Von Miller to the Denver Broncos

3. Marcell Dareus to the Buffalo Bills

4. A.J. Green to the Cincinnati Bengals

5. Patrick Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals

For those without Insider access, Kiper has made a few other interesting selections: he has Blaine Gabbert going 7th overall to the San Francisco 49ers, Jake Locker going 12th to the Minnesota Vikings, and Prince Amukamara falling all the way to 20th overall, getting drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Time will tell if these picks are accurate; it only takes one unusual pick to set off a chain reaction in the NFL Draft. Could Arizona trade its 5th pick for Kevin Kolb? Anything is still possible with 23 hours until the draft officially begins.