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Dontay Moch: NFL Draft Day Has Arrived

Hamilton High School and University of Nevada alumnus Dontay Moch's blog about his journey to the NFL - THE NFL DRAFT.

NFL Draft day is here, and I'm speechless. I have no words to describe the way I have been feeling. It's unexplainable. I have never felt so ready in my life. I want my draft day to be here, day1 . . . day2 . . . day3. These days are the days that will change a lot of young mens' lives who are going through the same process as me. With all the traveling, team workouts, team meetings, meeting new people . . . all of which plays a role on where and when you will be drafted. However you also have to understand what you do off the field follows you in your football career. Everything has built up to these days.

What I want is to be the best that I can, and grow from there!

I have moved back to Arizona for the time being until I am blessed with a chance to show the NFL what I can do. Draft day will be an emotional day for me and many others as we each sit and wait for our names to be called; some may and some may not be called. All I can say is that I want it bad!

Traveling around the U.S. has been great. Seeing cities/states that I had not previously been to.


The countdown is over. Hello APRIL 28TH, 2011.  Where you think I'll go?  Where you want me to go?

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