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Lakers' Caracter Arrested For Drunken Assault On Pregnant Waitress In New Orleans

Derrick Caracter is a very large man. At 6-9 and 275 pounds the muscular 22-year-old rookie is not the kind of mean drunk you want to be dealing with on the job. That's exactly what reportedly happened to a pregnant waitress at an IHop in New Orleans at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning according to this story on

Caracter was arrested for acting disorderly while drunk inside the pancake restaurant according to New Orleans police. 

He "started grabbing and pulling" a pregnant waitress, prompting the manager to go outside and flag down a police officer, the police spokesperson said. The female officer tried to defuse the situation, Harper said, but Caracter remained obstinate. The officer arrested him.

The Laker's forward was booked on one count of battery for hitting the pregnant waitress, along with public intoxication and resisting arrest. The incident occurred near the Lakers' team hotel in between Game 3 and Game 4 of the Hornets - Lakers playoff series.

Caracter has played in just 41 games for the Lakers but shows promise. He's a big body with good hands and touch around the rim. Some have compared him to Spurs forward DeJuan Blair