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NBA Playoffs Deliver First Sweep, Boston Celtics Dismantle New York Knicks

This match up really wasn't fair to begin with for the New York Knicks who went into the postseason still trying to figure out how Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups could be function on the court. Take Billups out of the mix due to injury and through in a back strain for Stoudemire and all the media in the Big Apple couldn't will the Knicks to a win over the Boston Celtics.

Game 4, the final of the series, went about as expected. The Celitcs were able able to drop 101 points and shoot 49 percent against the porous Knicks defense. On the other end of the floor the Boston defense might not be as good as they were last season but they were certainly good enough to prevent any other Knicks player from stepping up and saving the day. The Celtics on 101-89 and are now guaranteed to get more rest than the Miami Heat who will at least play a fifth game against the 76ers.

Carmelo Anthony scored 32 points on 24 shots. Amare Stoudemire only was able to go 5-20 from the field against Kevin Garnett who had an effecient 26 points of his own. 

The Knicks had a lot of work to do on their roster to make sure Stoudemire and Anthony aren't playing two-on-five basketball. As good as those guys are, that's not going to win many games in the postseason.