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Former Players To Announce 2nd Round Picks Of 2011 NFL Draft

With the 2011 NFL Draft happening next week, the league has decided to add a little flair to Friday night. Instead of Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing the picks, a former star player from each team will announce each pick of the second round. This means that players like Marshall Faulk, Richard Dent, Franco Harris and Jevon Kearse will be the ones at the podium.

What about the Arizona Cardinals? The player announcing their second round selection is none other than the best former Cardinal to play in Arizona -- Aeneas Williams. Williams languished during the 1990s on terrible Cardinals teams, but was as fine a cornerback as there has been. 

Perhaps this is a way to attempt to build some rapport with the new players by having former players there. Perhaps it is simply a way to create more intrigue and thus get more eyeball on the televisions for Friday night.

Thursday night will be a night people will watch because the first round has the star college players. After that, it is less exciting. So, why not add a gimmick? 

Considering the fact that there really is nothing else to look forward to, I'm all for it. Watching the original AW welcome a new Cardinal to the league will be a treat.